Monthly Archives: March 2011

you’re hot,

they said.  thanks, i replied.  no, really, your temperature is 41.7 °.  ah, that would explain the delusions. Advertisements

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plateletes gone

wild, film at 11.

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its name

is multiple myeloma.  thus, i am disabused of the misbegotten belief that multiple is better in every case.

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i’m glad

i moved last summer.  now i don’t have to worry about someone finding boxes of expired condoms in my drawers.

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i lost

my voice, it’s not like losing a vice, even though there’s only one letter difference.

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the plan

is to prepare for treatment with steroids and bone hardeners.  no word on the effect of that treatment on penis envy.

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the outfit

this morning i have my first appointment with an oncologist. i am wearing my souvenir t-shirt from the musical spamalot. the caption reads: i’m not dead yet. i think it is important to establish clear boundaries in new relationships.

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