i’m glad

i moved last summer.  now i don’t have to worry about someone finding boxes of expired condoms in my drawers.

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6 Responses to i’m glad

  1. Jack W Reeve says:

    You meant drawers as in dresser drawers and not drawers which you pull on one leg at a time?

  2. yes, thank you for pointing out the error in ambiguity. apparently i might have used more of them if i’d kept them in my wallet.

    • Jack W Reeve says:

      So what the hell is going on? You’ve lost your voice; misplaced, temporarily gone or gone? What is your way forward? Are you at home? Did you finally shave your legs?

    • Jack W Reeve says:

      Condoms merit a cooler place of transport and storage – like a tiny zippered pocket in the side of your sneakers. Hey, might be onto something here with a new line of footwear.

      This blog thing spellchecked me to “footwear” from “footware”, but I meant footware, as it’s a utilitarian accessory now that it totes condoms.

  3. i am at home, awaiting bone hardener and steroids tomorrow. i think there has been enough said on that issue.

    damn, do you think i should shave before the next procedure? is there still hope for me?

    the voice loss is an interesting anomaly. it’s important to keep the doctors interested.

  4. flamingcircleofjerks says:

    Is it a bad thing that “bone hardener” makes me giggle?

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